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ADA Handicap Restroom

The ADA Handicap Restroom is a wheel chair accessible porta potty rental that meets the American disability act guidelines. Not all handicap restrooms are made equal. There is ADA Compliant and Non-ADA Compliant. If the restrooms are open to the public, the American Disability Act Requires that the restroom availability be fair for the disabled and set up guidelines to ensure this takes place. They have set size requirements for the restrooms and also requirements on the number of compliant units. 5% of the onsite restrooms are to be ADA Compliant and a minimum of one ADA per cluster of restrooms as well. If you have any questions on meeting the ADA Guidelines, please don't hesitate to give us a call!


  • Exceeds the strict American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines

  • Attractive and contemporary design

  • Three roll toilet paper holder

  • Dual Coat/Purse hooks

  • Dual Mirrors

  • Ground level floor access - no ramp required

  • Extended bench allows easy transfer from wheel chair to seat

  • Powder coated wrap around handrails

  • Spacious interior that allows for wheelchairs to turn 360 degrees

  • Pneumatic door closer with safety chain


  • Lighting

  • Lock & Key Set


  • Height: 90"

  • Width: 62.5"

  • Depth: 88"

  • Door Opening: 73" x 33"

  • Seat Height: 18"

  • Tank Capacity: 74 gallons

  • Interior Turning Circle: 60"

  • Color: Gray


  • Level ground for placement

  • 12' clearance to area to placement location

  • Gravel/concrete paved path to placement location

  • Placement within 10' off gravel/concrete paved path for specialty units

  • OSHA Requirements: 1 Porta potty rental with weekly service for up to 10 workers on a 40 hour work week. 

  • American Disability Act Guidelines: For any public events or public use; The ADA requires that 10% of Portable Toilets on site must be ADA compliant wheel chair accessible Porta Pots. It also requires that each set of restrooms must have a minimum of one ADA compliant handicap porta potty per group.

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