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Butler Sanitation Solutions is a locally owned and operated company, based out of Mansfield, Ohio. Butler Sanitation was previously known as Butlers Portable Restrooms until plans of an expansion took place in 2017 to branch into other areas of sanitation to better serve our customers. Butler Sanitation has built the company based on values and principles and extend these into every aspect of the business. We take pride in providing the highest quality of products and services to our customers and commit ourselves to service excellence and complete customer satisfaction.



To be a business devoted to our customers best interest through the pursuit of service excellence by providing consistent quality through standardized business practices guided by principles and values. 



To Become a branded leader in the portable sanitation industry known for high quality products, services and technologies. We aim to create a high performance team that cares about our customer's outcome, living true to our word and always going the extra mile. 


To provide our customers with one company they can trust, that cares for their outcome and can supply all of their sanitation solutions through value and principle based business. 



Integrity: Being open, honest, respectful and ethical in all our dealings with others. It looks like direct eye contact, feels like trustworthy support and sounds like full disclosure. It is holding ourselves accountable and being willing to admit and learn from our mistakes.

Service Excellence: It is understanding that whatever job we perform, the quality of our service and products affects the customer's experience. It looks effective, feels comfortable, and sounds knowledgeable. It is demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement then implementing it into our everyday lives.

Respect & Compassion: It is keeping the needs of our customers first in our thoughts. It looks like a caring smile, feels like a helping hand and sounds like a soothing voice. It is listening and knowing how to respond with empathy, kindness and understanding.

Founders of Butler Sanitation Solutions
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