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Having some trouble with your drains at home, we can help. Below are some frequently asked questions, and if you can't find the answer to your questions, give us a call, we would be happy to help!

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Septic Info & FAQ

1. What is the cause of drain clogs? 

Drain clogs can be caused by broken pipes, roots or debris. To prevent drain clogs from do not place deep rooting plants or trees near the septic system or house. Roots are attracted to water and can do a lot of damage to your underground pipes and septic. Debris in the line is the number one preventable cause of drain clogs.

2. Are chemical drain cleaners safe to use? 

Chemical drain solution may actually do more harm than good to your pipes. They may clear the clog as it is a very corrosive chemical however as it is dissolving the clog, a reaction takes place that can soften and damage old or corroded pipes creating a larger and more expensive problem. While attempting a DIY drain cleaning with the solutions, you also put yourself at risk for a chemical burn and the fumes are harmful to inhale. These fumes can also linger wherever the chemical was used even after it is down the drain. Drain cleaners are also harmful to the environment and your septic system. The chemicals in the drain cleaners and kill the essential bacteria needed for a septic system to function properly. 

3. What is causing the gurgling noise in my drain? 

Gurgling noises are the result of a partial blockage. Dirt and debris builds up and leaves a narrow passage for the water to flow through and bubbles get blocked and are unable to escape through the vents which cause the gurgling noise in the drain. In more serious cases the gurgling could be caused by a collapsed or damaged pipe. If the gurgling is only occurring in one drain, it is likely a localized issue that can be easily cleared with an auger. If the gurgling sound is noticed in more that one drain, a more serious blockage is occurring. Remember to refrain from using drain chemicals, as they are dangerous and are harmful for your pipes and septic. 

4. How can I prevent drain clogs from happening?

Use strainers to catch hair, dirt and debris and abstain from putting any foreign objects in toilets and drains. It only takes a small piece of debris to get caught up and build up more debris until you have a full blown blockage. 

5. How much does drain cleaning cost? 

The cost for drain cleaning depends on many different factors. Your location, which drain is clogged and the severity of the clog can also be a factor in price. Prices also vary per company, not all companies charge the same because not all service, equipment, and knowledge are the same. At Butler's we focus on maintenance, education and prevention to help reduce costs for our customers in the long term. For more information on our pricing at Butler's you can call for a complimentary consult and quote over the phone with our drain professionals. You can also submit a free quote request online!

6. Will my house be a mess after having a drain cleaned? 

When drains clog or back up it can be a messy situation. When you call Butler's, you can expect us to not only clean the mess up from the service we are providing, but also to go above and beyond and clean up the mess that the backup/clog caused as well. ​We believe in the service excellence and doing all that we can for our customers. 

7. Why is there water backing up in my yard drain? 

Notice water backing up in your yard after rain? There are many causes that could result in yard tile backups. Over time debris and dirt can enter into the drain tile from gutters and other yard drains causing buildup and resulting in a clog, more immediate clogs can occur also from toys, trash and debris.  Other common issues involve root infiltration and drain damage or collapse. To solve minor problems it is possible to clear some dirt and debris and get some room in the drain for flow would be to run a water hose into the line. Snaking the line is another possibly remedy, however it can cause further damage to the line if it is old and brittle line. The safest route would be to camera the line to determine the issue and remediation options would be based on the cause. 

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