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Effluent Filter & Screen Cleaning

  • Required on systems installed in 2007 and after (Ohio)

    • Recommended upgrade for all systems

  • Protect the longevity of the final treatment and dispersal zones

  • It is recommended that these be cleaned during any septic system service along with at least once a year.

    • Sometimes more depending on the size of the filter, organic loading, and flow through the system.    

  • The advantage of the effluent screen/filter is that they are effective at removing some solids.

  • The disadvantage is that they can plug with materials they are trapping.

  • A monitoring or alarm device should be used with an effluent screen to avoid backup into the house.

  • A service contract is an option for care free operation.


  • During the service of your effluent filter, it will receive a thorough cleaning of the filter and evaluation of the materials captured

  • Different size filters available to accommodate all types of systems, loading rates, and flows


  • Installation of Effluent Filter or Screen

  • Routine Cleaning Service

  • Service and Maintenance Contract

  • Replacement of existing effluent filter or screen

  • Upgrade to an effluent filter during an outlet baffle replacement


  • Ground level access is required

    • Locating and access services available

    • Installation of Riser and Lids available

  • Special Requirements vary based on service option

    • Call for any special requirements regarding your desired service

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