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Pump and Pump Chamber/Tank Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Effluent pumps are specially designed pumps to move the effluent portion of waste water to the treatment component of your septic system.

  • These are usually used in systems where the treatment zone is located above the level of the tank or in systems that require a pressurized dose of effluent.

  • Periodically these pumps will need to be inspected to verify that they are operating within the limits of the original design.

  • Part of the issues can come from dirty filters, plugged intakes, and normal wear and tear of the internal pump components.

  • The pump chamber or tank will also need to be periodically pumped and cleaned in order to keep the system operating properly.

  • Our specialists can evaluate the condition of the tank and the pump to determine if they are operating properly.


  • Due to the high variety of pumps and designs, our process usually starts with identifying the type of system, pump, and delivery components of your system.

  • From there we will establish the criteria and specifications that will need to be evaluated

  • These will be provided to you on a form indicating the original design metrics, manufacture’s metrics (If different), and our readings from the evaluation.

  • Pump to be removed in order to insure intake is free from blockages and buildup.

    • Pump will be cleaned prior to re-installation

  • Measurement sample will be used to determine if the pump chamber needs to be cleaned.


  • Pump Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Pump Chamber and tank inspection and evaluation

  • Pump Chamber and tank pumping and cleaning

  • Pump System Components Evaluation

  • Pump Replacement and Repair

  • Pump Installation

  • Controls - Alarm and Monitoring System replacement and repair

  • Controls - Alarm and Monitoring System installation

  • Service and Maintenance Contracts


  • Ground level access to pump, chamber, and components

    • Locating and access services available

    • Installation of Riser and Lids available

  • Original Design Metrics

    • If you have copies otherwise time will be needed to trace these documents back to the original permit for the system

  • For pumping and cleaning activities:

    •  Ground level access of tank

      • Locating and access services available

      • Installation of Riser and Lids available

    • Tank located within 200 feet of gravel or paved path

      • Additional distances available upon request

    • 12 feet of height clearance from road to location of pump system

      • Accommodations can be made upon request

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