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Septic System Inspection

  • Our septic system inspections identify the current status of system performance for reporting purposes.

  • Inspections may be performed for various purposes including monitoring, troubleshooting, or point of sale evaluation (real estate septic inspections).

  • An inspection would be performed at the first service of a contract or during contract negotiation.

  • Performed by National Association of Wastewater Technicians Certified Inspectors

  • Optional guide available for first time septic system homeowners


  • Performed by National Association of Wastewater Technicians Certified Inspectors

  • State of the art inspection equipment and technology

  • Specialized and customized reports provided detailing the results of the inspection

  • Custom System Evaluation Survey

    • Done before every inspection in order to determine metrics and usage habits.


  • Real Estate Transfers Inspections (Point of Sale Transactions)

  • Troubleshooting Inspections

  • Routine monitoring inspections as part of a Maintenance & Operation (Management) program.

  • Customized Septic System Homeowner’s Guide

    • Personalized guide to owning and operating an onsite wastewater treatment system (Septic System)

    • Helpful to first time septic system owners


  • System components must be accessible from ground level

    • If they are not, locating and accessing charges may apply.

  • Depending on inspection, county records may need to be pulled

    • Sometimes this takes time depending on the county and the year the system was installed.

    • Preferably we like to have these records prior to any inspections but we realize that time does not always permit this to happen.

  • Additional requirements depending on type of inspection

    • Call for additional information regarding requirements

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