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Septic System Locating

  • Our certified professionals can help you locate and access your system and components.

  • After locating, consider the installation of a riser and lid to help reduce future costs of locating and digging and to help with future Inspection, operation, and maintenance for your system and system components.

  • State of the art equipment and technology for locating and accessing system components.


  • Performed by National Association of Wastewater Technicians Certified Inspectors

  • State of the art locating equipment and technology


  • General locating of septic system components

  • Excavation of located septic system components

    • Cover ground near excavation area to minimize disturbance to yard and landscaping

    • Re-seed grass and straw area disturbed areas

    • Removal or relocation of any excess dirt from site

  • Installation of risers and lids to help future access of septic system components

  • Repair of any components found to be in disrepair


  • Requirements depending on type of locating needed

  • Call for additional information regarding requirements

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