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Shedding Some Light at Butler's!

In response to our customer requests, we are proud to announce we are now offering Portable Restroom lighting packages! As we head to shorter days entering into the late fall, we can help you keep your parties last into the night with the new Solar Pod Light!

The Solar Pod Light provides 65 Lumens of lighting and turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. No work or worry! Your guests will no longer have to search for restrooms in the dark, or fumble in the dark trying to use the restroom. The lights are also manufactured in order to provide just enough lighting for the intended guests' use in order to reduce the occupancy of unwanted guests such as mosquito and other insects drawn to light.

Call and reserve your restroom and lighting package today, the supply is limited! Mention this article and receive $2.00 off your lighting package for any rental in the month of November. Provide the Promotion Code: Nov16lit

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