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How to Prevent Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can cause quite a head ache and typically become a problem at the most inconvenient times! Before your drain has a full blown clog, it will likely provides warning signs of a clog on the horizon, things to watch for would include gurgling or bubbling and slow drainage. In order to prevent or prolong prior to a drain clean out, there are some methods that can help:

  • Hair - using drain covers and keeping them cleaned up and maintained can help prevent hair from entering drains through showers, baths and sinks.

  • Soaps/Shampoo- Soap scum can build up faster than most would think, as the scum builds up, it can cause blockages or catch other items moving along the drain and cause a blockage.

  • Grease/fats - Clean out cooking utensils and dishes well with a paper towel and dispose of grease and fats into trash cans. If Grease enters your drain, it can cause a blockage quickly or overtime as it solidifies and builds up over time.

  • Coffee Grounds - Coffee grounds act very similar to grease in a drain line. Dispose of coffee grounds in a trash can instead of down your drain.

  • Breads/Pastas - These expanding food types can cause a real issue in your drain line, as they take on water they expand and also trap other items that may enter your drain.

  • Feminine Hygiene Products - Most feminine hygiene products also expand, when flushed down the toilet, they can get caught, expand, and cause a serious blockage in your drain line.

  • Baby wipes/paper towels - Prevent flushing any and all paper products aside from toilet paper. Even many products that manufacturers clam are "Flushable" still may not break down well and can build up causing blockages to occur.

  • Toys - Teach and encourage children to keep toys out of the toilets, flushing may be fun for children, but toys usually do not break down and are very likely to lead to a clog.

One great rule to live by when it comes to preventing drain clogs would be: When in doubt, throw it out (in a trash can that it!)

Hopefully this will help you prevent the headache drain clog in your home! We do not recommend any drain chemicals especially to those with a septic system. Many of the drain chemicals, even those that say "septic safe" or even claim to help septic tanks can be harmful. I would recommend always reaching out to your drain or septic specialist before using a chemical in your home. The safest options for your drains are augers and jetting, which your local drain specialists can assist you in getting your drains back in shape.

Butler Sanitation Solutions - Mansfield, OH- 419.595.0701.

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