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Graduation and Your Septic System

Graduation season is here and can be quite a burden on your home. Graduation time and holidays are very common times for an influx in people, food preparation and water. As a result, the use of your septic system also experiences a sudden increase in use which can be very difficult and even damaging to your septic system. The increase in food preparation and people in the home can also be damaging to the plumbing systems and pipes within your home. With the increase in food preparation the lines typically take on addition grease and food particles which can cause buildup in your lines. The additional use by people cause scum buildup and many times harmful items are introduced into the system such as sanitary products, toys and other foreign items. To prevent or reduce the harm to your plumbing and septic system during your child's special day, we have included some preventative measures below.

Educate and accommodate your guests:

We encourage you to educate your guests by speaking to them or even placing a sign near the facilities requesting that nothing except septic safe toilet paper be flushed down the toilet and no grease or food to be washed down sinks. Also be sure to keep trash cans readily available and visible in all locations to promote throwing it out instead of flushing or washing it down. You can also encourage your guests to use the water within the home in moderation (not letting sinks/laundry or showers run excessively to prevent overloading your system.

Stagger use in order to help your system keep up:

In the week prior to the big day it is also important to watch the use to make sure your system is caught up and performing at its best. Stagger and limit the use of water throughout the week prior as much as possible. Stagger your water use such as showers/baths, dishes and laundry on different days during the week. Also be contentious about your use and do your best to shorten showers and use limited water with doing dishes.

Maintenance of your system:

It is important that you maintain your system regularly regardless of a sudden increase expected, but it is especially important to do so in such times. We recommend getting your septic tank pumped out the week prior to your event. This does 3 very important things for your system. 1. It provides a rest prior to the influx which provides access room in your tank and it allows your system a rest to prepare it for the big day. 2. It will help reduce the chances of damage due to over use of the system. And 3. It will also help prevent mishaps that most commonly happen on that important day due to overuse hitting when the system was not well enough maintained. If you were not able to pump it out prior, it would be recommended to get it pumped as soon as possible.

Reducing or eliminating the additional use:

Another option to make it through the big day would be portable restrooms and/or sinks that contain all the used water and waste as well as protecting the lines from foreign objects by getting to keep your guest accommodated comfortably outside your home.

We hope this is helpful in preparing for your graduates special day and we hope that the day is truly a special one for you and your loved one.

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