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SEPTEMBER SEPTIC SPECIAL - $25.00 off ANY Septic Clean-out!

Take advantage of our Septic Special for September of $25.00 off any Septic Clean-out in the month of September and help prolong the life of one of your most expensive investments. Call or visit us online for a free quote or to get your septic service scheduled!

Our septic Services include the following:

Septic Tank Cleaning with Butler's starts with the permit and drawings being pulled if on record and time permitting. Our NAWT Certified Septic Specialist will then go over your system with you and do a basic consultation regarding the system upon arrival. Your tank will then be sampled and evaluated to set an individualized pumping frequency based on the tanks condition and time since previous service. Then the tank is pumped out completely, the tank will be back-flushed up to 3 times to be sure that the solid material is broken up and removed. (At times neglected or poorly functioning systems may take additional back-flushing which does come at an additional charge - which would be discussed on site prior to doing so.) Once the tank is thoroughly cleaned, the specialist will then inspect the components of the tank (visibility permitting based on access) and discuss with you the condition and a copy of the basic inspection is also provided via email.

Call for your spot on the schedule today! 419-595-0701


Expiration: 09/30/18

Limit of 1 use per customer. Can not be used in combination with any other discount or coupons.

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