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Camper Tank Pumping

Other Services

Butler Sanitation Solutions is proud to present other services detailed below:


Video Line Inspections

Line Locating

Drain Line Replacement

Down Spout Cleaning & Repair

Sump Pump Replacement

Jetting Services

Camper/RV Pump Out

Main Lines


Floor Drains

Bathroom Sink

Bath & Showers

Toilets and Washer Lines

Butler Sanitation Specializes in outdoor drain services but can help with anything such as a basic drain clog to a full on drainfield remediation. If you are experiencing a drain backup we offer a free phone consultation so we can send our specialists out as equipped as possible to solve your problems, that same day! Whether it be a septic concern or drain, we can help! Some of our drain services include: Drain clog removal, hydro-jetting service, basement backups, drainfield pooling, drainfield failure, aging drainfield, drain tile replacement, drain-tile repair, root remediation, new yard drainage systems, and much more! 


Drain Services

Drain Cleaning

Our drain cleaning services include: clean out of main lines, toilet unclog, shower unclog, sink unclog, floor drains, washer lines, drain tiles, effluent lines and more. Drain auger and jetting services available. If you have any clog, give us a call now at 419-595-0701 or request a free quote below. 

Drain Inspection and Location

Doing excavation work and need to know where your lines are located? We offer camera inspection and electronic location services that provides the location and approximate depths to prevent those expensive mishaps! Camera Services can also be pertinent in finding the solution for re-occurring drain clogs or septic backups. 

Other Services

Other Drain services we offer include drain line Repair or Replacement, Root Treatment, Sump Pump repair and replacement, Downspout clean-out or repair and more! Give us a call to get your free quote today! 

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Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning

Rooter Service

We offer drain cleaning services in all areas of the home. by choosing a professional at Butler's to snake clean the lines in your home it saves time, and provides you with a hassle free experience. Our professionals will trouble shoot and diagnose the problem then go over the issue and options with you on how we can proceed to fix your problem. Our drain professional will then perform whatever necessary drain services upon your approval in a timely fashion and leaving your home in a clean state. 

Bathroom Drain Clog Remova

Jetting Services

Many times pipes develop buildup in the lines that cause clogging and backups. Hydro Jetting not only removes the clog and debris but it also cleans the buildup off the pipes unlike drain snakes. This through cleaning will reduce the amount of clogs by restoring the volume of the pipe and also by restoring the line to its smooth sides which helps prevent snagging debris which commonly starts the clog and slowed drain lines. Jetting can also be used to restore or rejuvenate septic tanks that are backing up due to failing drainfields. 

Hydro Jetting Service Near Me

Toilet Clogged

Shower Drain Backup

Sink Drain Clogged

Basement Drain Backup

Slow Drainage

Poor Yard Drainage

Root Remediation

Drain Inspect and Locate

Drain Inspection and Locating

Drain Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection Services

You may come across many situations in which getting your drain lines inspected would prove to be very useful. When using the camera to inspect the lines prior to treatment, it allows us to know exactly what is going on in the line and allows us to properly treat the line. With inspecting, you may find that your clog is due to excessive buildup, roots, damage, or that it is a simple clog. It is especially a good idea to camera the lines if the problem is reoccurring, as it is indicative that it is more than a simple clog.

Drain Location Service

knowing the location of your drain lines is great to know in order to care for them, but becomes a lot more urgent when they begin having problems If you have a drain line or a septic tank backing up, it could be due to blockages, roots, biomat, damage or more. It is necessary to know where your lines are located in order ta access them without causing damage. With our locating services, we will not only be able to visualize that we are in the correct area we are trying to locate, but we also can tell the depth of the line in order to provide you with dig options to access the lines. 

Drain Line Locating
Other Drain Services

Locate Your Septic System

Locate Lines for Digging

Camera Problem Drains

Repeated Drain Clogs

View Drain Condition

Drain Line Repairs 

Drain Line Replacements

Other Drain Line Services

Drain Line Replacements and Repairs

When you have a failing drain line, it may be necessary to repair areas of the line or to replace the whole line itself. We offer multiple different types of drain line repairs and replacements including: Drain tile partial repair and jetting, drain tile replacement, drain field repair and replacement, downspout repair and replacement, and more. 

Drain Line Replacement Near Me
Root Repair Treatment

Root Treatment

We offer a root treatment option to prolong the replacement of your drain line. In doing so we jet the line to remove root and debris then treat the line with a commercial grade root repellent that lasts approximately one year before the treatment would need to be re-applied. This would not permanently solve the problem but it can extend the life of the line for years before needing a replacement. 

Downspout and Gutter Cleaning & Repair

We also offer routine downspout and gutter maintenance as well as remediating clogs and damage. 

DownSpout and Gutter Clean/Repair

Plumbing near me

Drain clog removal

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