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Holding Tank

The holding tank rentals are low profile 250 gallon holding tanks, commonly used for construction trailer temporary plumbing setups and vendor stands. Both waste and non- potable water tanks are available. Butler's provides the plumbing installation and winterization on the trailer systems as well as the regular pumping and non-potable water refill. The vendor tanks are common for the food truck gray water waste during fairs and festivals. Another common use for our holding tank rental is camper hookups. This allows live in camper/RV use to be a little more accomodating with a super size holding tank in which emptying your gray and black waste water into will allow you longer and more comfortable use! We offer the plumbing set up and pumpout service for camper holding tanks as well.


  • Perfect for vendors, RVs, campers, or construction trailers

  • 250 gallon capacity

  • Suitable for:

  • Black water

  • Grey water

  • Non-Potable fresh water

  • Can be equipped with a pump for fresh water applications


  • Plumbing Installation

  • Winterization

  • Pumping Service


  • Height: 17"

  • Width: 46"

  • Depth: 92"

  • Capacity: 250 gallons

  • Weight: 129 lb

  • Color: Black


  • Level ground for placement

  • 12' clearance to area to placement location

  • Gravel/concrete paved path to placement location

  • Placement within 10' off gravel/concrete paved path

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