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Small Sink

The Small Sink Rental is a standalone double hand wash station suitable for small outdoor events. Only one double sink is needed for up to 4 restrooms. These are a great addition for any events with food. The portability allows the flexibility to have the restroom near the food or in front of the restrooms making it great for many event types!


  • Attractive designs truly suited for special events

  • Elegant granite finish 

  • Twin basin sinks

  • paper towel dispenser 

  • Recessed beverage holders

  • Dual soap dispensers (400ml)

  • Hands-free operated foot pump is located in an alcove eliminating exposure to foot traffic

  • Waste receptacle included


  • Lock & Key Set


  • Height: 50"

  • Width: 16"

  • Depth: 30"

  • Capacity: 49 gallons

  • Fresh Water: 22 gallons

  • Grey Water: 27 gallons

  • Foot Pump: 2 ounces per push

  • Color: Gray faux granite finish


  • Level ground for placement

  • 12' clearance to area to placement location

  • Gravel/concrete paved path to placement location

  • Placement within 10' off gravel/concrete paved path for specialty units

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