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Distribution Line Cleaning

  • The effluent discharge and distribution lines are the lines used to carry the effluent from the pretreatment and dispersal components to the final treatment zone.

  • Over time, solids can begin to accumulate in these lines and cause plugging.

  • When plugging of the distribution lines begins happening, the final treatment zones ability to take and treat wastewater begins to degrade rapidly.

  • It can cause hydraulic overloading on the parts of the system that are getting all the wastewater.

  • Frequent scheduled cleaning is very important in certain types of systems that are more prone to plugging.

    • These types of systems include Pressure dose systems and Mound style systems

    • However, all systems can benefit from cleaning

  • Our technicians can evaluate your distribution system to make sure you are operating at peak efficiency.


  • Evaluation of the system usually begins with a camera inspection to determine the extent and severity of any solid accumulation in the lines.

  • A plan will then be put together in order to clean and remove the solids from the system in order to restore equal flow to the system.


  • Evaluation of heavy solids accumulation in distribution lines

  • Cleaning and removal of heavy solids from distribution lines

  • Service and Maintenance contracts for frequent cleaning and up keep of distribution lines

  • Replacement of damaged components

  • Installation of risers and lids

  • Installation of inspection and maintenance ports

  • Locating and Accessing Services


  • Ground level access to tank and distribution components

    • Locating and access services available

    • Installation of Riser and Lids available

    • Installation of inspection and maintenance ports

  • Tank located within 200 feet of gravel or paved path

    • Additional distances available upon request

  • 12 feet of height clearance from road to location of system

    • Accommodations can be made upon request

  • Could require onsite water supply source capable of providing a minimum of 3 gallons per minute

    • Accommodations can be made

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