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Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning

  • A septic tank requires frequent cleaning

    • Typically, this will fall between every 24-36 months for most users

    • Lower use or low additions of organic materials may decrease the amount of maintenance needed

    • High use will increase the amount of maintenance needed

    • Healthy septic tank will have three (3) layers

      • Scum layer – Stuff that floats on water: Fats, oils, and greases

      • Clear Effluent Layer – The middle layer or pretreated waste water. Should be the only layer leaving the tank after a minimum of 24 hours of retention time.

      • Sludge Layer – The bottom layer which is the decomposed solids and organics.

    • Should be thoroughly pumped and cleaned if

      • Scum + Sludge > 25-33% of tank depth at inlet or

      • Scum > 3”

      • or Sludge > 12”

  • Whenever the tank is pumped, it should be inspected.

    • Inspection includes determining that the tank and its components are watertight, that the baffles are in place, that the tank and baffles are not crumbling and breaking, and that the overall tank operations are properly functioning.


  • With Butlers, your septic tank will be thoroughly pumped and cleaned:

    • Liquid, solid, and semi-solid material in septic tank is removed.

    • Tank shall be deemed clean when all organic solids are removed and the total average liquid depth remaining in the tank is between 1” and 3”

    • If applicable the cleaning of the effluent filter.

  • Every septic tank service of pumping and cleaning includes an inspection report of the following items:

    • Measurements of the scum, sludge and “clear” zones along with overall operating depth.

    • Physical Condition of the Septic Tank

    • Presences of baffles and their condition

    • Presences of risers and lids and their condition and location

    • Observations of high or low liquid levels

    • Observations of run-back from the absorption area

    • Any defective or broken components

    • Missing or broken observation ports

    • Lush vegetation

    • Sewage overflows

    • Sewage flows from building to tank

    • Future maintenance frequency


  • Pumping and cleaning of all types of septic tanks

  • Locating and accessing of septic system components

  • Excavation of septic system components

  • Installation and repair of septic system components

  • Heavy Solids removal from septic tanks and components

  • Heavy Solids removal from dispersal and final treatment areas (Hydro Jetting)

  • Pumping and cleaning of drop and distribution boxes

  • Switching of distribution components


  • Ground level access of septic tank

    • Locating and access services available

    • Installation of Riser and Lids available

  • Septic tank located within 200 feet of gravel or paved path

    • Additional distances available upon request

  • 12 feet of height clearance from road to location of septic system

    • Accommodations can be made upon request

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