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Holding Tank Maintenance – Pumping and Cleaning

  • Holding tanks are designed to collect and hold the raw wastewater for treatment later, usually, at an offsite location.

  • This type of system is usually expensive to operate as it requires continual pumping.

  • These tanks will need to be serviced once they are full.

    • They will be pumped and cleaned.

  • The use of alarms to monitor these systems are highly recommended as they are prone to backing up into the property.


  • Your holding tank will be thoroughly pumped and cleaned:

    • Liquid, solid, and semi-solid material in holding tank is removed.

    • Tank shall be deemed clean when all organic solids are removed and the total average liquid depth remaining in the tank is between 1” and 3”

  • Inspection of tank and components will be completed at time of service and provided to you.


  • Pumping and cleaning of all types of holding tanks

  • Locating and accessing of holding tank components

  • Excavation of holding tank components

  • Installation and repair of holding tank components

  • Heavy Solids removal from holding tank and components


  • Ground level access to tank

    • Locating and access services available

    • Installation of Riser and Lids available

  • Tank located within 200 feet of gravel or paved path

    • Additional distances available upon request

  • 12 feet of height clearance from road to location of system

    • Accommodations can be made upon request

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